One-Stop Shopping for All Your Wheel Needs

Being in the wheel business for almost 20 years and a motorcycle enthusiast for an additional 20 years, we have gathered all the parts needed to create a wheel package for your customer.

We are striving to provide you with all the essential parts in one place.

MSI can supply the following:

      • Wheel Blanks
      • Rotor Blanks
      • Pulley Blanks
      • Sprockets Blanks
      • Hubs
      • Tires
      • Polishing
      • Custom Sizes

Forged vs Cast: Forged rims are made from solid aluminum that are heated to allow pressurized machines to shape the rims. Forged rim gets its name from the process of forging a single piece of aluminum into the shape of the wheel rims. The tremendous pressure that the aluminum undergoes during the forging process, the metal is less porous compared to cast wheels.

The significant advantages to forged wheel is that it is three times stronger and 25% lighter than the cast wheel.

Pulleys and Sprockets